Former NHL Goaltender & Olympic Silver Medalist. Now Public Speaker and Advocate for Mental Health & Wellness

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Corey speaks to all age groups and dynamics, both male and female. From corporations, to sports groups, to High schools, Corey speaks on numerous topics including mental health, and motivation. Corey will not only speak on his personal story, but through his personal experience he will give numerous take aways in order to improve your own personal and employees mental health.

Corey also helped to create and put together the program CAMH Gamechangers, geared to get mental health info into the hands of our youth. His story of struggle and perseverance reaches listeners on a personal level and changes lives.


A riveting look behind the mask of an NHL goalie, The Save of My Life offers understanding and hope to anyone living with mental illness.

There was a point in my life where I couldn’t even see a tomorrow let alone the day when a book would be written about my life. Thankful for my children, my family, and my friends who even though they didn’t always understand stayed true to me anyways. I have so much gratitude to @seanpatrickconboy for his empathy, compassion and gift to bring my story to life.


Dedicated to ending the stigma of mental health, Corey is an engaging and passionate public speaker with a conviction to expand awareness and acceptance for those suffering from mental illness.


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NHL Goalie & Olympic Silver Medalist

Corey is a former National Hockey League player that played in over 100 NHL games for New York, Vancouver, Washington, and Dallas. He was an active roster member of the 1994 Stanley Cup ChampIon New York  Rangers and was named to the 1995 NHL All-Rookie team.

Corey was the starting goalie for Team Canada at the 1994 Olympic Games in Lillehammer Norway where he backstopped Canada to an Olympic Silver medal.



Corey is a powerful and compelling speaker. His message is educational, motivating, strong and captivating. As a mental health advocate, broadcaster and National Hockey League player, the obstacles Corey has overcome is remarkable. He is determined to end the stigma.


Former NHL Goaltender and general manager of Canada’s Olympic National Mens Hockey team 2018.

Corey spoke to the Nashville Predators prospects at rookie orientation and development camp. Through his story and motivation Corey Hirsch is changes lives. Coming out with his battles with mental health in the players tribune was both courageous and groundbreaking for mental health. It opened the door for former and current athletes to tell their stories of mental health. When he speaks it is powerful, genuine and enigmatic. Coreys story and message is an asset to any organization as he has opened the floodgates in ending the stigma of mental health.


Nashville Predators pro scout and former NHL Player
I have known Corey for over 30 years and he has always been a close friend. Even though you are close friends you never know what one is going through and I know first hand the struggles with mental health. I am a alcoholic in recovery and know the struggles, but Corey has always been there for me and helped me through tough times.  I’ve read his testimonial and am so proud of him for opening up and sharing. When  he speaks or shares it comes from the heart. Corey has tremendous drive to spread the word on mental health and works tirelessly to make the world a better place.I am proud to call Corey a friend and partner in trying to end the stigma.


NHL Stanley Cup ChampIon Dallas Stars
Corey Hirsch is everything this world needs to see that there is hope and healing in mental illness. Not only hope, but thriving to create whole mental wellness and acceptance. His talk was poignant, powerful, gripping, and left the audience with real steps to seek help and ways to help others. His talk is a must for any business, organization or group. He’s blasting through the stigma of mental illness and shining a light in the darkest places for healing!

Stephanie Goetz

CEO Goetz Communications. Public speaker and mental health advocate.